An interactive website for active CMT advocates. Team CMT is a group of athletes who support our mission to raise awareness of Charcot- Marie-Tooth Disease or CMT.  Team CMT members support, encourage and in some cases, live with the effects of CMT themselves or in their families. The group of involved individuals grows each day in response to increasing awareness of and people who live with CMT.  CMT is the most common inherited peripheral neuropathy, affecting 2.6 million people world wide. CMT is a disease of the nerves that control muscles, causing loss of normal function and/or sensation in the lower legs/feet and hands/arms.  Symptoms can include; fatigue, sleep apnea, loss of sensation, difficulty with balance and walking, breathing difficulties, poor tolerance to cold temperatures.  Patients with CMT can experience difficulty doing everyday tasks involving manual dexterity, such as writing, opening jars and manipulating buttons and zippers. There is no treatment and no cure