RACE FOR RESEARCH You may be wondering what you can do to help. Running and participating in athletic events is someone most people with CMT only dream about. For many of them, even the simplest activities of daily life can be challenging, but we all share the dream of being able to walk, run and do all the things others do with ease. On April 15, 2013 I will be running the Boston Marathon in the Mobility Impaired Division.  I will be using this opportunity to raise awareness of CMT and to raise funds for the Herditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF).  The money raised will be used to fund the research of Dr. Robert Chetlin at the University of West Virginia Medical School. He is studying the effect of exercise on CMT. His research shows great promise is slowing the progression of CMT and developing treatments. The athletes with CMT on the team will be participating in this research. So we will be working in multiple ways to find treatments and a cure! You can donate to the HNF by clicking on the HNF logo or going to my donor page. You can also contribute by joining Team CMT! FUNDRAISING TOTAL = $16,500 as of 4/27/2013!!! An interactive website for active CMT advocates. CONTRIBUTE Tony Wodke Cheryl Monnat Kelly Jerome Delores Collins Ali Garba World Festivals Mike Wodke Norbert Wodke Ann Tannis Dan Wodke Terri Hofestede Arlene Klumb Norbert Wodke Jr. Kathy Perazzo Dick Dowdell Hupy & Abraham Mary Vendehei Debbie Pavela Dona Leitzke Martha Peplow Carla SanFliippo Ruth Sorenson Linda Horn Steve Bain Cheryl Haese Mike Schanholtzer Toni Cole Coleen Hays Peg Fennig Pam Tarczewski Deb Wilkenson Dave Durment Joyce Kelly Tom Peterson Greg Krueger Milwaukee Bucks Hope Jenner Elaine Erdman Kurt Lindsey Jim Berken Cindy Stefanovic John Yates Sandy Hochschild Gyldnis Mack System Seven B & J Search LLC Betty Reichertz Marguerite Loucas Denise & Paul Neuwirth Jane Krukar Jane Baker John Yates Jack Yates Kapco Steve Karolek Judy Coates Rosaland Bergman Jean Rapport David & Gloria Wessely Dale and Karen Gass Susan Moore Mary Cabella Randy Gillen Jon Helminiak Lynn Kaishian Don Leitzke Gerald Lynch L Kuren Mardi Lavinger Tim Mum Steve Davis Paul White Dona Lietzke CJ Charboneau Kristine Duelge Sandy Hochschild Stephanie Johnson Marua Lokken Mardi LAvinger Robert Machotka Tim Mum Virginia Roback Dick Rogers Joe Springhetti Joy Von Werder Paul White Mary Cabella Kristie Duelge Tom Casper Kira Henschel Betty Reichertz Jane Rusch Terri Hofstede Tony Bernier Jerry Barbian Deb Wilkinson CONTRIBUTERS